Develop 2011: Doug Binks talks about dynamic resolution rendering

2 weeks ago, I went to the Develop Conference in Brighton, which brought together some of the leading companies in game development. Intel was among them, with some powerful demonstrations of the latest programming techniques. Among the Intel speakers was Doug Binks, who delivered a talk about dynamic resolution rendering. The idea is that instead of having the same resolution throughout a game, the resolution can be stepped up or down to strike the best balance between quality and performance. If somebody is running through the 3D environment, you can afford to cut the quality of the rendering, for example, but you might want sharper visuals when they're stood still, looking around. You can also use dynamic resolution rendering to make optimal use of available power and ensure the user interface is always clear. I wrote in more detail about dynamic resolution rendering on Softtalkblog, but I thought I'd drop in here to share the short video I made with Doug, summarising the headlines:

Doug Binks speaks on Dynamic Resolution Rendering

It's a great idea, so if you're intrigued, I'd urge you to explore it further. To find out more, see my blog post, read the slides from the presentation, and visit Doug's own blog.
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