AMT SDK High Level API (HLAPI) Technology Preview Now Available

Way back in April, I posted an initial blog (see Software Daydreams - AMT Programming Made Easy) on some of the work we are doing to make developing for Intel® AMT easier. I'm pleased to announce that the initial fruit of our labors is now available: The High Level API (HLAPI). The High Level API Home Page is where to go for a basic description and download information.

Stephen Hibbert has already described his initial reaction in his blog: Working With Intel AMT: HLPAI! and I recommend that you read what he has to say. Stephen has had an, er, interesting job: learning AMT with just the SDK's documentation and samples to help him; if his response to the HLAPI is a valid gauge, then we've really done something right, which of course is pretty pleasing.

This is a "technology preview" release. What that means is that the software has been through a validation cycle and is at least "beta" quality. It also means that there may still be some rough spots. And it means that we have plans for more features.

However, what it really means is: We Want Your Feedback! Here is your chance to try something out and directly influence the development and direction of the work we are doing. Let us know what you like, what you don't like, what works, what doesn't work, and what you'd like to see next.

The way to do this is by posting in the Manageability Forums. We will be monitoring the forums to see if the HLAPI meets your needs, and to try to understand what we can do better in the future. This is also the place to report any real bugs you may happen to find. (Please give enough information so that we can reproduce the problem.) And if you like what we've done, we want to hear that too! (A little positive feedback goes a long way. :-)

The HLAPI represents quite a lot of labor; if it makes your lives easier, then it's worth it: Let Us Know!

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